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Jan 2014

Building your Brand

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Building a brand for yourself I feel is one of the hardest things to do. There are times when having complete freedom to design, think and write content is amazing but when it is representing you and your business…I feel that brick wall comes up fast. You must have the right logo, fonts, mix of fonts, colors, textures, style, feel, emotion, actions it relays and so much more. There are so many questions to be answered when you are starting this process, whether you are doing this for the first time or the 20th time, it’s always the same things coming into play.

How do you want people to feel when they see your logo?

Do you want just text? Just an icon? A combination of both?

What colors reflect your brand? How do those colors make people feel? What combinations of colors are ok? Do you have colors in mind? Open to new colors? Any colors you do not want?

Will you keep it simple? Go for elegance? Grunge? Modern? Old school? Textured? Feminine or manly? Strong and bold?

What does your competition look like and how do you want to be different or similar to them?

Who is your target audience?

What is your companies advantage?

Do you have a tag line? If so, do you want it with your logo?

Compose a list of adjectives that you think describe your company.

Find about 3 logos that you like and 3 that you don’t like. Make a list of what specifically you do or do not like about each.

Now these are just some of the examples of questions we at Grundy Designs would be asking you in starting a new logo design project. It is a bit of a time consuming task for some business owners that just want to get it done and over with but by doing this it will help the whole process along but also be a great thing to reference when later re-designing, doing a website or even a brochure. Those key words about your company are helpful descriptions.

Grundy Designs specializes in branding and corporate identity and we can not wait to get started on your project. Contact us today to get a FREE consultation and get started!



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