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May 2014

Business Card with Quality you can FEEL

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Grundy Designs LUXE Business Cards + Mini Business Cards

Grundy Designs LUXE Business Cards + Mini Business Cards

I have always disliked when you get a business card from someone and it feels like they didn’t put any time or thought into them. Whether it is lack of design or the low quality of paper it is printed on it really does give someone a first impression. Do you not want someone to FEEL quality and and that you care enough about your business to represent it well?

So, with this thought I began the search for a great feeling business card that gives an instant quality impression. After trying about 5 different companies and being let down each time…not counting being bummed about the money lost cause I did not even want to hand them out, I finally found and am extremely impressed. offers Luxe Printing and they really are the high end of business cards. Every time I give someone one of my business cards now they have to stop mid conversation and always make a comment about how the cards look and FEEL! The printing is sharp and the thick, heavy quality of the paper is amazing. Plus being able to add in an additional feature, the color pressed into the middle of the card, is terrific. We recently purchased more business cards and also added in the mini business cards for networking events and expos where you will be handing out a lot of cards. This not only brings the price down some while still maintaing the quality but also give you one other way to stand out, they are a fun little size and makes people look again at them. Who doesn’t want someone to take a second glance at their cards when handing them out, really!

Grundy Designs is offering a May Special that we can upgrade to the LUXE business cards if you are interested. The May Special is a value of $2000 for ONLY $700 and includes a custom designed logo, 250 business cards, 100 letterhead, 100 envelopes and 3 social media designs. Also, if you want a sample, feel free to contact us and we will send you a sample of the LUXE business cards so you can feel for yourself.

So to wrap this up…business cards are not dead. People still like having them and remember they act as the face for your company so make it a good, quality impression.

Grundy Designs LUXE Business Cards + Mini Business Cards

Grundy Designs LUXE Business Cards + Mini Business Cards


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