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Feb 2014

Graphic Design…fast, cheap or great?

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designGraphic designers are professionals who create graphics with the purpose of communicating ideas and/or messages. Their job is to create these visual representations through the combination of words, symbols, technology, and images. Graphic designers must understand cultural and societal norms in order to create effective, relevant, and unique graphics.

Keeping that in mind when you are deciding on your budget can make the difference of getting a great design to impact your business or get a flop design that will turn your customers away. It is a difficult balance and a good idea to be up front with your designer and to keep in mind when shopping around for a new designer.

Here at Grundy Designs, I believe that businesses deserve a great design for a more budget friendly price than a design agency. I have worked with a variety of small and start up businesses and even reached up to a couple large, multi location businesses. This has allowed our portfolio to show a wide range of designs and styles, adapting to our clients needs is so important. Check out our portfolio online at and contact us to chat about your next project!

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